You may find it amusing, and that is fine for now. We find it amusing as well that you play this off as insignificant. The guildmistress of the thieves, and yes I know that that is \"unknown\", gives this three to five years and I congratulate her on her accurate timeline. It will be three to five years when the aggressive thieves start running out of potions and begin relying on tyrlar and lestagii. It will be three years when the aggressive thieves begin hiding behind others pyramid runes. It will be t

hree years when they realize that hey maybe these loremasters are finally serious that they do not want their guilds, young members, and guild quests fucked with. Yes we have \"unreasonable expectations of security\", you have unreasonable expections of being provided for.

You may say that thieves are meant to be dastardly and cunning opponents whom are expected to rob and cheat you blind. I would tend to agree. But where in the scope of the loremaster professions role does it say that I must provide for you the tools needed to fuck me over? It doesn't anywhere as far as I've seen.

As to the idea that this is driven by one player, it sure as hell is not driven only by me, but it is driven by me. I assume that when you say it is driven by one player you mean Zenichiro. I push for this as much if not more than my dear friend from the west.

So rob the shit out of us while you have the resources to do so. I will simply shatter and fullparry any thief that comes my way. Enjoy the leaf runed potions you lift off of me and my guildmates. Try and subvert our guildmembers by providing them unclaimed barrels. We know the numbers of those you can rest assured. They are and will continuously be tracked. In three to five years, as your unofficial guildmistress states, this will all be over.

With all due respect,

Diocletian, Artisan.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Leaflost, in the year 1217.