Lord Wystan, Brutal Bladesmanto Everyone

The LMs have every right to do whatever they want. sure it morally wrong.blah blah but they still have that right and shouldnt be criticized for exercising that right. Achelous, Zenichiro, Lucifer and all other LMs have been extremely kind in the past, dropping whatever they do to fill potions, make runes, put up staves and so on. The annoyance that we cause them would be pretty considerable especially for the higher levelled LMs. If they want to charge for what they do then let them. I only wish to w

arn the LMs that by doing so, all other guilds will start charging for skills and the avalonian economy will collapse.

I do not hold any grudges against any Thakrian LM for their time and my skills, however little i may have, are still open to them.

Just to clarify some posts and arguements in here. Poisons and herbs are a hell of a lot more time consuming then doing refills etc and there is only a limited supply of them in avalon. So the arguement that herb and poison pickers should give free herbs and poisons for refills is unbalanced.

Also, knight bashes also benefit the leader whereas refills dont give the LM any form of compensation.

Now for some proposals...

the trend in which this is going will hurt everyone involved. i only ask the LMs to provide reasonable prices for their services. Prices should be fair, not to high for everyones benefit, not to low to fairly compensate the LM. I also ask the LMs to review the backlisting of thieves. We cant have Thakrian thieves and Thakrian LMs waging war as warfare draw near. I ask Narissa and Zenichiro to settle their differences. Zeni... you Trakea and Narl have always been my heroes since i was a novice. I beg yo

u for the sake of Thakria to forgive her for whatever shes supposedly done to you. Narissa... the one person who i admire as a fighter, political figure and probably the next to be ordained... could you please stop the injustices done to the LMs. Uwoiame did break into a Thakrian guild and should therefore have been branded an enemy.

To my fellow Cavaliers, our tradition has always been to uphold the defences of Thakria. Thakria may be the most strongest city and could beat any of the other cities in most aaspects of avalonian life. There is no point in Thakria destroying other cities if we're going to destroy ourselves in the end. We shouldnt be taking sides in a war where 2 Thakrian guilds are fighting. We should be the guild thats trying to resolve the Thakrian conflicts.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Leaflost, in the year 1217.