An observation.

Buck Nekkid Aja, Greenwood Godivato Everyone

I wholeheartedly agree that loremasters should receive some sort of compensation for their services. Personally, I always make it a point to offer herbs in exchange for my requests in addition to supplying as much of the raw commodities as I can. Sadly most people do not and expect goods and services to be delivered without question. LMs are within their rights to ask for payment.

However, I believe there is one important detail being over-looked. It's obvious to me is the current state of our economy will not support this system. It will establish a class order where only the richest individuals and cities will be able to afford them.

Where is all this cash supposed to come from? Those people that don't have such marketable skills have nothing to trade or barter and far less opportunity to make money. The young can only do so much panning and digging for clay and there is not much cash to be made from that.

In the past, even when there was a much bigger population in Avalon, similar agreements were hard to enforce and were quickly broken then forgotten after much debate and in-fighting. I suspect the same will happen this time. While I completely understand the desire for some sort of regulation, appreciation and compensation, it won't work until there is more cash flowing and that cannot happen without divine intervention.

Nekkidly amused at how everything old is new again,


Written by my hand on the 15th of Leaflost, in the year 1217.