Little Laughing Lightfingers, Laboriously Lifting Lootto Everyone

Man, you folks just get funnier and funnier..... just relax. These things tend to sort themselves out anyway. The LM's have done nothing but make a public announcement of something we've all been doing forever and a day. There's a price list for services...whoopy-freakin'-doo-da-day..... then there's your friends and allies. Sure, I'll charge some stranger to make a key, but a city-mate that I like, freeeeeeee. Personal choice. Just watch this very board and you'll see the LM's that'll be dicks. We

all know one or two that we can trade our services with. Nothing is gonna change in the long run. The LW's will get their setups because, contrary to popular belief, there are a fair amount of LM's who aren't total jackholes. I'm really not pressed. Besides, if all else fails, there are always ways around for those who look hard enough.

Written by my hand on the 10th of Leaflost, in the year 1217.