Attacking me

Greetings,  You must be having delusions my dear chap - you never attacked me.  I came on for about 5 minutes, not intending to be on longer due to an appointment at a rail station with a certain deity.  In that 5 minutes I was informed what was happening by Eshkadeth and Urquoth and then I left.  Not once during that period of time did either you or Astiroth speak to me, let alone attempt to attack me - at least, I never received any indication of an impending attack.   I resent being called a coward, especially by yourself, as I have *never* quit or used the BB or anything out-of-game to escape being slain. Once again, you did not attack me before I left and I received no information to this effect, so you are entirely misguided in your accusation.  Aredhel