Rubbish, Absolute Rubbish.

There are standard ways to prevent the bardic skills from stripping you completely. The fact that Safovine had none of his items properly protected is HIS fault. Stripping is a part of the game and something EVERYONE is taught to protect themselves against when they first start in this land. Why, because it HAPPENS. Go tell your pathetic sulky preaching rubbish to your old bum chum Duncaan who abused voice when he won the gem. But then again he probably never truly gave a rats excretion about your opin

ion anyway either.

If someone strips you, learn from it, get over it, and don't let it happen again. But primarily don't come onto the public forum and moan about leaving the land. This weakling approach breeds contempt from Thakria and many other players. Why do you think your held in such low regard in this land. As i've said many times before, haven't got better things to do, like tend to your city troops. Because if you don't pull your finger out and start marshaling and training your armies you'll be begging Orinoko

to take you back into Springdale very soon, oh sorry, you've already begged for that and been rejected. Parrius in a pool of dust is not something I want to see, but the way I understand it at the moment, Parrius has done nothing and could very quickly be lying in ruins.

So I suggest you stop sticking your unwanted useless nose into other peoples business and start acting like someone with responsibility who cares about his city's welfare. Oh sorry, you only give two hoots about Rajj's own ass and will always be the treacherous little worm who never really accomplished anything.

I look forward to your pointless rebuttal. I would say on the fighters board, but your more widely known as a coward and we don't have a cowards board. I hope your enjoying your weasally little existance. But if I was in your position, I would just eternally be using the suicide skill. xx Narly

Written by my hand on the 1st of Mournsend, in the year 1217.