Grow up.

Ninja Narl Aruki Nuki-Uchito Safovine Sirrush

Honestly, you are an absolute doughnut of the highest order. I've been stripped through my own negligence multiple times and never had the moronic audacity to even bring it to the public forum. Rebuild like the rest of us have to do and stop moaning like the girls in Qeys private members club after a narly visit (because they don't get paid). I understand that it's a hard thing to go through and wondered what the point was myself, but then you have to understand that it's your own fault and get on with

it. You best make sure you have things sorted because i've just posted your item summary on the guild forum with a price per item, the entire thieves guild is on you after your childish outburst. Enjoy that. xx Narly

Written by my hand on the 21st of Eleuthral, in the year 1217.