Keeping my word.

Safovine Sirrushto Everyone

I told Salvador I would post that he gave my things back, and im doing so, but not because it was a requirement, he didnt even ask that I do it. The whole point of me being stripped was because it was thought that I knew what happened to him, and the truth is I didnt. I did not know he was stripped I knew he was hunted without mercy everyday like he did to me and when I found out he was leaving I believed it was for that reason, and yes I was happy about it, I confessed that to Salvador, and he still

gave my things back, and to me there is some honor in that.

My duty is to the city that Ive pledged to defend, and in defending it I know with all my heart it does not include the humiliation and violation on the deepest level to my enemy. Some may use those things as a means to an end, and all I can say is I would not and will not practice such things. For me the reason is that I strive to be a Knight and live by the code they have set, for Salvador im sure it is for another reason entirely.

For whatever reason we both have I feel confident in this, when we meet again on the field of battle, it will end in an honorable death for one of us and will not include the indignities that we both have suffered.

There is such a thing as respect for your fellow man, even in war. Maybe that is a lesson we both learned.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Eleuthral, in the year 1217.