Do you not listen?.

Don Tukar, Godfather of Avalonto Rune Squire Zadar

I will address you once and only this once. You are young and you will of course go biased towards those who aide you in your youth. You are also unknowledgable and have no clue of what lead up to this. So you really should try to stay out of matters you don't know. She helps you, you are here friend, fine, leave it at that.

You can't turn the other cheek, when she actively seeks you out and instantly kills you. an instant kill is one that it odesn't matter what you do or how you do it, it kills you. Cleave takes alot of time and gives messages so you should know to move. You have to be pretty slow to die to it.

It's not just the general forests she can flow to you, she can do it to any forest location, in any city, village, or even into the garden in your own estate. Without effort.

I will kill her and continue to kill her as long as she continues to abuse her skills and as long as she is my enemy. You can kiss up to her all you want as she bestows gifts upon you, but one day as we all have learned, seen, and experienced she will freak out on you too. And when this day comes, \"I told you so! \".

You can turn the other cheek, you don't have to put up with her or her rantings, undefendable attacks, and everything else she could do cause her skills weren't designed to be defended (last result). If everyone ignored her, as many have tried to do the next tmie the set foot in the forest, they get killed for it because unlike you paying attention to her, she doesn't get it from them until she kills them. Avoiding one of the cities or other small areas one gets enemied to is far less that that of ever

y forest location in the lands.

So heed these words little one, until you know both sides of the stories and know what has happened in her past to bring this upon her maybe you should refrain from trying to kiss up to her and alienate yourself from the rest of the lands. And your hypocritcy of leave her be while she harms and harasses you is beyond laughable. If you don't get it now you never will, it's not THAT she kills, it's HOW she does it. Without the abuse of the skills to kill, flow, and harass, people would leave her be. she

would stay protected from a death and given all the chances she has repeatedly been given.

Now with that said, please don't address me further on this issue, as you have no clue and obviously are stuck on her and refuse to listen ot anyone else that has posted just because she has aided you. Maybe you can aide her and make her dreams come true and she'll leave the rest of us alone, but be scared of the cobwebs.

Tukar, wondering what happen to the PR aides that used to help and teach the young.

Written by my hand on the 10th of Skyelong, in the year 1216.