The lovely Rynn.

Rune Squire Zadarto Everyone

First I'd just like to point out that I know some aspects of my last post were a tad irrelevant, since deffing up is useless in this circumstance. It was a sweeping statement.

But on with my point. Tukar, you act way out of line. She is a rogue druid who has no guild. And she has every right to use her skills as she see's fit. You should not expect divine intervention, when clearly you encourage these attacks against you. Should everyone make peace with her, and she then be found to attack those who do her no harm, then I could imagine our Lord Rhadamanthys taking a hand in fixing the problem. Yet you persist in hunting her, not just you, countless numbers of you.

Right at this moment, should Rynn have decompose taken from her, she will become the most hunted and repeatedly killed person in the land, every one of you taking vengeance for your imagined wrongs. And yes, why shouldn't you avoid the forests? Does not a Mercinaen have to avoid Thakria? You bring the wrath of nature upon yourselves, in the form of Rynn. Maybe one day you'll learn that sometimes the only answer to a situation is to bow and ask forgiveness.

Rynn has never harmed me

she uses her skills to look after me, as she always has. I propose you all change your ways entirely, shower Rynn with love and kindness, turn the other cheek should she lash out at you.

This is a fight you'll never win.

Zadar, crap at potion-making

Written by my hand on the 5th of Skyelong, in the year 1216.