Rune Squire Zadarto Everyone

It seems rather clear to me how this situation stands.

I know what its like to make a mistake, and to be targeted for it. I imagine somewhere in the past Rynn made mistakes. I don't blame her for breaking away from restrictions and using what she has to survive, and do it well.

I already forsee answers to my last statement so I'll move on with my real point here: If Rynn is tripped of her skills, or moves to another guild, she will be hunted over and over by people with little respect or honor. Not only that, but if those of you who wrong her DIDN'T do so, then you wouldn't be attacked. And coe on, whining about an instant kill? Move quicker, keep up defenses, watch your back! I was hit by a fellow Mercinaen, who killed me instantly with Cleave. do you see me asking deities f

or intervention? Just move on, think faster and leave her ALONE!

Heres one final point for you boys who are complaining. You are asking Mother, and the God of Compassion to strip her of her skills. Lets piece this together. . would they rather see you make peace with her? Maybe show some of that love and compassion? Or were they hoping you'd come whining to have someone stripped of her means of survival?

You may not like to see her do it, but one thing is for sure, you'll soon get tired of killing her. Or perhaps you enjoy being turned into forest food?

Yours with sarcasm,


Written by my hand on the 22nd of Paglost, in the year 1216.