Crazy Animists.

I wish to make sure you know and all the land... Rynn is not an animist nor does she follow our rules. We would like to see her stripped of her skills as a guild and do not support her in any of her actions.

Please do not judge Animists or the Druids by her actions because we have nothing to do with her that is why she has no guild or city, she needs to find herself and Hopefully will one day do so with new skills. Though We fully support any Deity or guild or individual who decides to censor her and can or would remove her skills which she abuses. In The Guild's Opinion she needs to choose a guild or lose the skills.

As Chosen one of Compassion I do hate to see her killed as often as she is, it hurts deeply but as an animist I cannot support her killing people especially though abusing her skills which she sadly gained from our guild.

Yours Under the Trees,


Written by my hand on the 10th of Springflower, in the year 1216.