Ninja Narl Aruki Nuki-Uchito Everyone

These battles and arguments are won via actions and not words. Thakria wrested it's sphere of influence Springdale and Mercinae via absolute domination and organization on the Battlefield. And had the months of Peace not been forced on our hand we would of continued to dominate. Anecdotes and fancily dressed words will get you nowhere Camaris, you do and half talk some rubbish. Honesty above deceit eh? You wouldn't know honesty and a how to speak truth if it smashed you in the face on the back of a Sta

ge Coach. Wisdom!!!... hahahaha. so that's what you call being scared little stock room hidey holers. Your combined Barony possesses less wisdom than the amount stored in one muscle cell of our princesses sphincter. \"Life in Mercinae is tough\", Yep must be so hard for all those ddw's running round without a care in the world. Boo hoo for them! And as for you even attempting to understand the Thakrian politcs, you really are a cretin.

I look forward to watching you attempt to take control of your armies. As i'm certain you'll be less adept at that than the silver you attempt to paint on your tongue. And as for the rest of you who believe Thakria and Thakrians have it easy, more fool you. We push our young harder than any other city, and those found lacking are dealt with. It is as a result of our teaching and success methods that the young of the land flock to us to learn and advance themselves. You don't see Thakrians sitting in ga

rdens making daisy chains under conquistadors. You don't see us running to the globe every minute when an enemy runs into the city to activate the health and eq drain. You don't see this because we can deal with things ourselves, we don't need help, we don't accept cowardice, these pitiful attributes which can be applied to both our sworn enemy city's are the reason your young defect to join us. They see knowledge, wisdom, aggression and loyalty within our walls.

Finally Oshii, you're a Thakrian reject, a failure, a non entity, You were thrown from your birthplace for rejecting our laws and as such your name is no longer mentioned in the walls with any affection. Please shhh, before I place a bounty on your head and your belongings for our young take.

I look forward to the battle ahead.


Written by my hand on the 12th of Midwinter, in the year 1215.