Warm welcome.

To Aja: This freshly returned, elderly and rusty thief thanks you fondly for your warm welcome in your 'peaceful' glade. It clearly showed me within my first hour how much I have forgotten. Not at least that 'enter in peace' are just some random words on a sign and how Lord Maedhros is nothing but a cardboard figure in his own temple. 3 kills and a ship ride were needed to shove down the message about your unchanged insanity.


To Khashakin: Please be so kind to return my knife. I thank you for guarding it so bravely while I was visiting my boat cabin of olde, as well as during the period I was called away to other lands.

To both: until the return of my kris knife, you can find me either in Allendil's Glade or clearpicking somewhere in the forest.

I will not use any stealthy techniques to make it easy on you.

Yours gratefully, Uwoiame

Written by my hand on the 6th of Midsummer, in the year 1213.