Vanguard's evolved.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

An update on warfare as more aspects go live for experimentation. The

old ability 'vanguard' has been replaced - it was redundant anyway - with

'command posts'. This is far more important than merely using a legion

as a shield against attack but instead is the primary method for

individuals to command individual legions both on and off the battlefield.

Two methods will be employed for commanding your trained legions:

real-time lieutenants sitting at their commandposts inside a legion,

out in the field, and dispatches: written orders for a legion (or

group of legions) that come into play depending on certain circumstances/

criteria. Dispatches and (more obviously) commmandpost leadership can

be both offensive and defensive in nature; the former will typically

be a blend of best-guess responses to this or that situation and will

(unlike in the old system) ensure a legion/city/guild is not entirely

impotent if subjected to invasion during periods when its military

commanders are absent. Well written dispatches are more than a match

for mediocre hands-on leadership, although naturally military genius will

be most effective in real-time: reactive and on the battlefield, rather

than in attempting to predict and arrange adequate responses to the

countless possible situations that might arise.

Check out HELP 21 and you will see the top helpfiles are now updated while

the remander have OLD written before their description to signify they remain

relics from the former warfare system. HELP LIEUTENANT, HELP DISPATCHES

and HELP VANGUARD are the three most recently added information documents.

Written by my hand on the 28th of Midsummer, in the year 1209.