You successfully managed to strip someone and had 8 hours to do it without response. Aren't you the skillfull entrepeneur!!! I generally have an accord with the population of avalon that if I find people afk (be it intentional or unintentional) I will take one item then put them in the pool. You however Camaris have no right to say anything really about anything. You are a hypocritical tit, and as such have rightly earned your place on the tit list alongside Finbar and Rajj.

Your attempts to dictate law and moral ethics are laughable. You whine like the whore I had last night at the old rose brothel. And god help the bards guild with you taking the helm, you are a gimp in the Shadow of Maximillian. So i'll just ignore you from this point and watch your comical efforts at self gratification and attempts at proving that you have a point of existence other than being a whinging little bitch.

<---- Points at laughs at your disillusioned self importance

Where are you in the history books Camaris. Nowhere!

Written by my hand on the 12th of Ilmarael, in the year 1207.