Camaris, Veritable Virtuosoto Everyone

Today is a historic day. The glory of the bardic profession is now within the grasp of each and every mortal. If you are tired of the drudgery that is sword swinging, the mind numbing boredom of gluing yourself to a palantir, life spent hiding from your peers in the sewers, swinging about the trees like chimps or if you're an animist, whiling away the hours with the rest of the vegetables, if you're tired of these things - consider the following.

My profession is as close to a virgin profession as ever you will find. Our unique facility for combining voice with the rest of our arts, gives us options that quite literally run into the millions. In a life time you couldn't practice and master all the different combinations we have available to us. Any newcomer has massive scope for original thought, both on the combat field and off.

Whilst this new open door policy encompasses all of Avalon in general, some restrictions still apply. Our profession draws its power from the forces of good, people with dubious alignment will still get rejected and those choosing to live outside of the City of Light will find some restrictions placed upon them. For details of this, please read Help Bards.

If you think you possess the will, the intelligence and the wisdom required, you now have the opportunity to test yourself.


Written by my hand on the 30th of Skyelong, in the year 1207.