Particularly the numbskull that's clearpicking.

Buck Nekkid Aja, Greenwood Godivato Everyone

Just a little gardening tip for you:

Leave TWO plants in the ground so that they may pollenate and propagate. When you are down to the last TWO plants, pick one and REPLANT it so that it starts GROWING AGAIN AND AT A MUCH FASTER RATE than with one or none left.

If you are a knightly type and cannot replant, please message me with the areas you've been picking in and I will see that those beds are replanted.

Whoever you are, you obviously want poisons so allow them to grow. The only other way to have them is to pay a sorcerer to evoke it for you - one per essence at 100gp each... you do the math (if you can).

Seriously, a little cooperation is al that's needed.

Aja, the Nekkid Gardener

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Hindyear, in the year 1205.