Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

For the first time in Avalon's long history, the library of Alessandria

is open in its entirety. The mechanisms of entry, the restoration of

the tutors, the equipping of those within the library, the performance

of the diverse and many rituals required to achieve the 'Golden Age', and

the specialist teaching/abilities of the fully-equipped, secured

tutors... ALL of this appears to be working and ready to be tackled by

any among you with a penchant for exploration.

HELP ALESSANDRIA contains starter information, teasers and a few useful

facts to kick-start any curious individual's voyage of discovery. Be

assured, though, that there are powers in Alessandria that exist nowhere

else. People have suggested it is the 'goodguys' version of the Long Night

and while there's some truth in that it favours of those of good

alignment, there is enough ambiguity/multi-use components (just as there

is in the Long Night) that Alessandria can offer something to most


The only thing I should add is that now Alessandria has finally been brought

within the boundaries of the land-proper, it is no longer the uncomplicated

sanctuary it once was. It now adheres to its design-purpose, idiosyncracies'n'all. Enjoy.

Written by my hand on the 11th of Paglost, in the year 1205.