Rambles indeed.

Wow! Getting to know you for what you are is getting so much easier. How utterly predictable for you to completely dodge the question. I said you were beginning to sound and behave like former Springdale leadership and here you are right on schedule.

The whole world already knows why you did it. I simply wanted to see if you had enough of that old Thakrian fortitude to admit it publically. You obviously don't. The really sad (and somehow funny too) part is, you failed, didn't you? I would think your current patron could better appreciate and reward your \"feat\" given the givens. But who's to say what thoughts manifest in divine minds?

I'm actually more curious to know how the rest of your city council feels about you using Thakria's troops and rations for personal gain again. Oh, wait! you didn't gain anything from it, so nevermind that.

Anyways... you can try to convolute this all you want. The bottom line is *I* asked you a direct question, to your face, as Guildmistress of the house you had just destroyed and that is how you replied. I left nothing out and I have the records to prove it. I will show them to anyone that asks. Anything you told my officer is irrelevant and more than likely, also a lie. If what you told me wasn't true, you lied to me

then. If is true, you're lying now. Or were/are you sauced again and not able to tell the difference?

Big Huzzah Nekkid Warfare!


Written by my hand on the 20th of Ilmarael, in the year 1204.