Thakria razed the ranger's guild. Why? A variety of reasons, which I did repeat many times to many people, from gods observing the event, to your guildmates, to yourself. You choose to only listen to my final statement - one made partially in jest, as, Aja, it's well known that you only listen to what you wish to hear.

With that said, explaining further will only fall on dynallca-infused ears, so I'll merely say that anyone who has any more questions can speak to me directly. The rest of your guild certainly seems to understand the situation, so I'm confident length discussion won't be needed.

Finally, we did indeed enjoy many new meals freshly made beforehand, to sustain our marching, but milk was the beverage of choice, not garionbrew - a Ranger favourite, I'm told? Your...justifications for events, through the ajadigm of vision, is, as always, amusing.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Ilmarael, in the year 1204.