The Divine Appointment.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Today saw the appointment of a new member of the illustrious pantheon

of Avalon: Tyranis, god of war. Though rumours had abounded of his coming

and he has been preparing in Olympus for the past few weeks, it was

only today that his visage was revealed in all its glory - in the temple

of war atop Mount Olympus.

Tyranis duly takes his place as a fully-fledged deity, of equal stature

to any of the mighty Olympians. See HELP TYRANIS for words penned by the

deity himself and seek out his temples about the land should you wish

gain an audience with the land's newest of divinities.

This, as far as plans go, completes the ordination and appointment duet

for the year 2008. Next year will see at least three, however, with

one appointment already determined, one available - alongside the

next ordination - for late summer of 2009. This should coincide with the

twentieth anniversary of Avalon itself. See HELP ANNIVERSARY for

up-to-date information on the preparations underway for what promises

to be the biggest event in the history of the land.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Midsummer, in the year 1203.