Missing items after dormancy.

Apollo, the god of lightto Everyone

When a character goes dormant, time still works on the possessions of that character

and over time many things will be 'ravaged by time' and disappear. This is absolutely

necessary because its impossible for all items for every character to be stored

indefinitely, plus it keeps the economy moving.

This does mean that when a player comes back after a long dormancy they tend to have

lost many items, and if warfare and conquest has taken place, even the gold they

placed in safe-keeping in the city bank before leaving has often been lost. In such

cases it has long been my policy to help returnees with basic items and a little gold

to help them get back on their feet.

Over the Christmas period there was a BUG. Around 16 character who fell dormant (didn't

log on for 30 days) accidentally had all their inventory wiped. Obviously in such a case

as this we have undertaken to replace all missing items as far as possible. As soon as

the bug was noticed it was fixed.

This has led to some confusion with regard to dormant characters returning after many

months or years, reading the post about the above bug and understanding it to mean that

they will have all their items returned. This is not and never has been the case. To add

to the confusion, some haven't even read the original post but have been told by others

that they are so entitled.

I will listen to pleas for help sympathetically, but full resoration for someone who has

voluntarily been away for months is simply not feasible or desirable for various reasons.

I hope this is now clear to all.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Paglost, in the year 1203.