Jousting Tournament.

Cryptic Kresslack, the Black Maelstromto Everyone

The holidays are over, and I hope they were pleasent for all. I am here to remind everyone of the jousting tournament I will be holding at the Great Lighthouse of Parrius in honour of Lord Proteus.

The entry fee is 800 gold coins to enter yourself, and 200 gold coins to enter your mount. That totals to 1000 gold coins per entry to enter the lists. You will only be eligable to enter if you have a mount(some form of horse), a lance, the jousting skill in either Riding or Chivalry, and 1000 gold coins available.

All those wishing to participate should send a letter addressed to Kresslack which should contain your entry fee, as well your name, city, guild, and patron, if any of those apply. Prematches are available to be scheduled upon request, and the tournament date is still forthcomming. All matches will take place on the day of the tournament using the process of elimation; those that win advance, those that lose their match watch from the sidelines.

Whether competitor or spectator, all peoples from all cities and guilds are welcome to attend/participate in this event. Hostilites will be held off, as it is in honour of a deity, and in that deity's temple, which will be respected. Food and drink will be available, so bring out the family and enjoy the show and root for your favorite jouster at the Full Tilt jousting tournament, hosted by Kresslack of Thakria in honour of Lord Proteus.

Until that time,


Written by my hand on the 28th of Hindyear, in the year 1202.