Shop Hanging With lantern's re-opens in Parrius.

Taliesin, the Ancientto Everyone

Newsline Parrius: Ancient and venerable tree... er Animist... er twiggy fellow who is older than many stones, Taliesin, has not only returned to plague... u,... er... bless the lands, but he has opened the historic Shop of Lanterns in Western Parrius

Choosy Shoppers may come into the shop and find herbs and poisons {purely for testing your defences mind} at competitive prices. Mostly.

occasionally the senile old tree will randomly stock up and herb and price it stupidly low. Come take advantage of the old git and have full pouches and a laugh!

Some assembly required, your mileage may varied, Void where prohibited by Lady Brigantia. Some settling may occur during purchase, do not use with tizer, actual doses may vary based on density of recipient's skull.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Skyelong, in the year 1199.