Emerald of Life.

Aldaron, the god of lifeto Everyone

The emerald quest is often one of twisting loyalties and opportunistic deal-making at the last minute, and this time was no exception. Narissa gained an early lead collecting eggs with her allies, particularly Circe, Trakea, Narl, Salvador, Endyamon and Belgadeth. Edgtho and his supporters maintained a close second throughout, but fell by the wayside with a poor performance in the egg-and-spoon race. But with the large number of other eggs being collected by third parties, the various events being run, and the constant wheeling and dealings, even the divinities found it hard to discern how the quest would conclude.

At the final hour, Edgtho donated his 442 eggs towards Zenichiro's 168 making a total of 610, but Narissa had also made some last minute-deals and ended up with more than half of the total eggs - she handed in a grand total of 833.

So, congratulations to Narissa for winning the Emerald of Life and earning contendership in the upcoming Ordination. She will be pitted against Kodiak in the semi-final, and Edgtho will fight Fistandantilus.

Special congratulations also for performance in the mini-events go to Edgtho and Zenichiro for winning the egg-fight, Narissa, Circe and Valari for topping the quiz leaderboard, and Limorien for doing so well in the egg-and-spoon race.

The semi-final sands quests will be scheduled by Genesis shortly. Good luck to all contenders in the upcoming Ordination.


Written by my hand on the 30th of Paglost, in the year 1199.