Red Flame of Vengeance/Your Ego and Cowardice.

El Salvadorto Killinan

An interesting little reply from you, young Paladin.

I fully admit dying to you a few times last week, in a few select locations in Springdale, among which Large Garden was one. However, if I make it clear that you've made (not surprisingly for a single-celled organism), something of a false account. As I recall, you got kills on me, yes, I died several times, but you ignorantly forgot to mention the support your fellow citizens were bestowing upon you.

If you need to publicly post that it takes you two man rituals, AND Eudueria ringing the bell to kill me, then perhaps I was mistaken about both your post and your ego, perhaps it was not an attack on my skills as a fighter but more of a compliment to Eudueria?

For the record, I have issued seven mutual challenges to you today, and two duels, offering you an opportunity to substantiate your currently unfounded claims of superiority over me. All of which have been flatly refused with varying levels of excuses offered.

I suggest you think (again, not sure how possible this is for a single-celled Amoeba) about whether it's worth bruising your own ego further on this bulletin board and then refusing to back your ridiculous claims up.

Just a thought,

Salvador, accepting mutual challenges rather than hiding in the Vestibule.

Written by my hand on the 28th of Mournsend, in the year 1198.