Stop wasting time...

Rajj, The Reckoningto Killinan

with these idiots! They can sit there and paint their kettles any color they want, but it will always turn out black.

It wasn't that long ago, then when you enter Avalon, you would see the likes of Dunccan, Pahn, August, Denzeldash, Kureishi, Sajora, Porthos, Kuma, Rikki sitting around Springdale chatting because all of the 'scary' Thakrians were cowering in their stockrooms and their temples.

This is the circle of life called Avalon... Numbers always win over skill. Why should we leave the temple or stockroom only to die to 3, 4, 5 people... Even when on 420 health or lower they do not stop, they see no reason to stop... They need no reason to kill... Oooooo I'm Thakrian, you're Springdalian, I must kill you, over and over and over...

Such is life in this world, people will do what they want.

So I will refrain from responding to idiots like Meerkitty and Sallygirl, and Hurl. You should do the same.

Rajj, the Reckoning

Written by my hand on the 26th of Mournsend, in the year 1198.