Solitary gratification.

Fatalus the Scroungerto Wild Circe, The Witch-Queen

You asked who I am Prince of. I could simply respond to your belligerent post in similar fashion by saying \"of the entire Oakender culture, you

idiot witch\". However, since you have invited me to the podium on the matter ...

I have promised the Oakenders a great investment of my time and wealth to build them a new future. For that, they have demonstrated their faith in

me by designating me their leader. I asked for the title of Dictator. They offered me Prince instead. They know the road to their greatness

will be long and hard, a journey spanning many decades. They are patient.

You are not patient. You want my forts up so that you can come grind them into dust for your instant gratifications. Someday child you shall

have your chance.

You place much importance on the matter of Sphere of Influence. Haven't we been down this road before, Circe? During the debate over the

question of Parrius, you disputed that one could generate massive coin without SOI. Yet today we have a small SOI-less village of Oakwood with

a net profit in excess of the City of Parrius. Personally, I think that fact alone rather wins the argument.

Now your current question is what exactly? How can I create and extend power without SOI? You apparently have an obsession which blinds you

from the alternatives. There is much more to this realm than hand to hand combat and the march of legions, and yes more than the standard

measure of sphere of influence. Forgive me if I fail to educate you further.

As to the Thakrian flags in Oakwood, they reflect your city's current military dominance in this region and they yield you some tribute coin.

That is indeed something for you to take pride in. Post and bray about it to your hearts content. Know however that your military presence will

never yield you the unflaggable Oakender spirit nor their dreams of independence, self rule and their own kind of glory.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Mournsend, in the year 1198.