Solitary gratification.

Wild Circe, The Witch-Queento Fatalus the Scrounger

You are \"Prince in fact\" of who exactly? Leadership, like some other pursuits, generally takes more than one person. Perhaps you are proud of your rather impotent hubris but don't forget that is what it is - hubris.

You chose exile, but now you stamp your little feet, make empty pronouncements, and generally do whatever you can to pretend what you do and say really matters - but it doesn't, Fatalus.

Oakwood's end is a Thakrian domain, it has its citizens - Sarec, Cerebrum, and you. If you need our troops to pay you a little visit and remind you whose flags dominate the landscape of your paltry town, I'm sure our field marshall will most happily oblige.

If you wished to have a podium, perhaps you should not have left Springdale to decline as it has, but like so many others of that town, when push came to shove you couldn't take the pressure and just gave up.

As it is, the declaration of war from Mercinae just gives your town a little too much credit. There is nothing to destroy, for there is nothing there. Your empire and domain is nothing. Your leadership is over nobody. Your voice rings tinny and hollow because you speak for nobody.

Embrace the hermit bachelor's life if you must, but please stop being so noisy about it.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Mournsend, in the year 1198.