Sands Quest (The Ordination, Part I).

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Today we witnessed two sands eliminations quests. In the first, Edgtho

versus Dunccan the sands were first reached by Edgtho who had little to

do to evaded the clumsy, inept chase by his opponent and eventually

took victory by default. For the first time in Avalon's history a

contender simply capitulated without seeing through their challenge

to the end. How many ordinations have we seen won and lost in the final

minutes? Yet Dunccan, in craven manner, surrendered to his fellow Knight

and allowed Edgtho uncontested victory.

In the second battle, a far more bravely fought affair, Kodiak was

able to fight off repeated attacks from Circe to hold onto the sands

throughout. Circe performed well but, ultimately, Kodiak demonstrated

once again his extensive knowledge of the land and his envious


Kodiak and Edgtho, therefore, progress to the final round of the sands

elimination. Circe and 'Dunccan' are contenders no longer.

The remainder of this first round of sands eliminations will be completed

this week. Those who remain contenders and have not yet competed should

contact me with convenient times and I will organise the various bouts


Written by my hand on the 9th of Mournsend, in the year 1198.