I take exception to your furtherance of the mayhem that ensued when certain people jumped to certain conclusions and made a mess of what would otherwise have been a perfectly ordinary challenge between Salem and myself. Why everything has to turn nasty and personal is beyond me, but so be it.

What occurred was the result of assumptions and mistakes on the part of many, but since my lack of knowledge of the challenge system led to the initial screw up, let me take responsibility. I should have retracted my challenge with Salem when I realized that my citymate was in need of my aid in defending her life against you in the city, and for not doing so everybody involved today has my apologies.

Other mistakes and assumptions were made, most of which hinged on that unretracted 'mutual' challenge and the propensity of people to assume things in the heat of the moment when returning from afk, bb, or just logging in, however, since I feel most of that would have been rendered moot had I just retracted, I apologize.

However, that said, keep your undead nose OUT of my engagement.


Written by my hand on the 7th of Paglost, in the year 1196.