Wraith's Great Joke Hunt.

Good Witch Eudueriato Everyone

I hate to intercede during these lovely spitslinging posts, but Lord Wraith needs more jokes!

Beginning NOW, Lord Wraith is asking for jokes to be submitted until he gets a great new joke to pen into his world-famous jokebook. There are a couple of rules and requirments, but the person who submits the chosen joke will receive a pouch stuffed with his or her choice of herbs or poisons (there may be a delay due to the need to evoke rarities - no duplicates, please).

Rules/requirements are as follows:

A 10 coin entry fee accompanies each joke submitted by letter to Eudueria. Gold is a donation to Lord Wraith, and also to assure that all entries are valid, and 'serious' joke entries, if you will. Lord Wraith will verify that this money is not to be kept by myself, that I am just the contest postmistress.

Your name MUST be included with each entry, or that entry will be forfeited because hey, if we don't know who sent that funny as hell joke, we can't award you the prize. From so-and-so at the close of the letter is sufficient.

Lord Wraith will be judging the entries himself. The entries will be gathered daily and given to him with the names of the entrants stripped, thus preventing accusations of favouritism while still allowing his ordermembers the opportunity to enter. His criteria are simple - no dirty jokes, it must be a joke he hasn't heard before, and the entry must be coherent.

All entry fees are non refundable, and go toward the prizes being offered, as well as the cake and tizer party at which the winner will be announced. All entries become the sole property of Lord Wraith, blah blah yadda yadda tiny print disclaimer stuff here.

Basically, send the silliest, funniest, wackiest jokes you can because poor Wraith is wasting away for lack of fun in the hostile Avalonian atmosphere!

Take care, and remember to send them by LETTER to EUDUERIA, or they won't be counted,


Written by my hand on the 8th of Hindyear, in the year 1195.