The Scourge of Light.

Shaykh Salvador, Dajjalto Everyone

Child, I believe you need a lesson in helpfiles. While Saroman the traitor does hold the Sorcerer profession, he is NOT, nor shall he ever be a member of the Sorcerer's guild, as you can easily discover with HELP SAROMAN.

Esprii is not a sorcerer either, and she continues to terrorise your city and guild. Do not assume the hatred and disdain for your disgusting city of light emanates solely from within the walls of -my- guild. Look closer, you shall see that there are scores of Avalonians willing to slay your citizens and bring down your pathetic 'light', of which Esprii, Saroman, Salem and myself are only four.

I suggest you open your ears and your eyes, young Magi, before offering your unique brand of commentary.

Salvador, of Vengeance

Written by my hand on the 7th of Hindyear, in the year 1195.