Gratitude for Saroman.

Light-Mage Algernon, Lightning Shadowto Everyone

I am moved to express appreciation for Saroman's post (#24080), addressing the issue of sadism, and will also address the response to it by my brother mage, Apprentice Swifteagle.

My favorite line in Saroman's post is the very last one: \"I simply got better, stronger and faster. \" Indeed, this is the sweetest revenge. For there are players who are unnecessarily exploit players much smaller than them for an easy kill, and in just five earth months I have seen some enjoyable players lose interest because of the futility. This is sad, and yet in terms of the game, we may look at this as a casualty of war. We can cry to the gods about nasty treatment by our foes, or we can marsha

ll our own resources - creative as well as combative - and perhaps our guilds as well - and respond to acts of war.

My brother Swifteagle is not wrong in his observation. And in response, we may take some instruction from Saroman, and his closing sentence: \"I simply got better, stronger and faster. \" Let us get better, stronger, and faster - and make our stand from there.

Thank you for indulging this post, I am your friend,


Written by my hand on the 28th of Ilmarael, in the year 1195.