I'm sensing a touch of hypocrisy .

Narlto Saroman, Demon of Wrath

Being the most active person around at the moment I can positively say that Salem and Salvador combined have been had more challenges than the rest of Avalon put together. Infact Salvador has become a far more talented Sorcerer than you can ever hope to be with his much shorter existence in the land. And these Challenges aren't with the meek... these challenges are against the lands oldest top fighters (which certainly doesnt include you) of which I havent seen him lose for a long time. Well Avalonian a

nd Ordainable aren't easy to maintain as a fighter. In fact the only way you would ever hope to maintain it is with cheap kills from hyper portals. Grow a back bone Saroman and only comment on the peoples cowardice when you grow a spine yourself. Let's see how you fare against the likes of Max, Ceno, Narissa and Kodiak. I know who my money's on. I suppose you could prove us all wrong, but I doubt it.

For god's sake . i've even seen you run away from me.....

But thankyou for your pointless addition to the board, it was almost as constructive as posts from Rajj.

xx Narly

Written by my hand on the 12th of Ilmarael, in the year 1195.