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Intrepid Amaraz Do'virr, the Ifritto Everyone

It has come to my attention that some Springdalians find my posts offensive and take them to think I talk about Springdale as a whole. This is not true and I apologize to those who misunderstood me to be insulting my former home.

My comments were directed to, and about, Killinan and Kuereushi, no one else. I myself think Springdale still a lovely place, but I do not think so kindly about a couple of it's citizens. My reason for leaving was not that I couldn't learn anything at all from Springdale, for I learned much. But as a young and ambitious Avalonion, I took it upon myself to seek a place where I could learn more about fighting, as I certainly wasn't learning anything from the inactive and present, yet overly incooperative

, fighters already there.

With that, I offer my apologies to Springdale and its citizens, and will withdraw from the bulliten until further summoned by some post dealing directly with me, or directed at me.

Intrepid Amaraz Do'Virr, the Ifrit.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Cloudburst, in the year 1195.