I've considered us to be friends, or at least friendly, for awhile. Add to that the fact that I really don't like to bother myself much about the tripe and trivia that people seem to enjoy lobbing at each other on these boards, but your last posts warrant some sort of third party comment.

You have always talked and talked and talked. You make so many threats, falling back on some set of mystery 'friends' who you never really seem to want to flesh the details out about whenever called to defend your words. You twitter on and on about how great you are and how obsequious the powerful deities of the lands are to the oh so amazing Amaraz. You pat yourself on the back constantly and publicly about how great a weapon words are when wielded by you, but you can't even SPELL half of them right w

hen you attack with them, and frankly, even the ones you do manage to patch together in something approaching proper spelling are completely misused.

I guess what I'm getting at is that while you have your differences with Killinan and Kureishi, as have many in the lands, including myself, you earn yourself no credit or respect by spewing fighting words when you know you will not have to back them up and that nothing can be done to you in response to them, and even less credit to the doctrines of peace and pacifism as a whole by hiding behind its mantle while inciting others to ire and bloodshed. You merely make those in the lands who already look d

own upon its protection and those who choose to avail themselves of it renew the fight to have it removed or limited.

As for your Mac problems, I don't ever recall hearing Artecspirit complaining about the deficiencies in his client when he was killing everybody in my location and city when I was young, and still Thakrian. I think those who truly wish to become skilled and respected fighters work around any and all obstacles, whether of this world or another, until they manage to achieve that goal. I do know that verbal battles, won or lost, have absolutely no effect upon your ranking as a fighter within the lands, no

r do they earn you Gems and Ordinations.

Good luck,


Written by my hand on the 3rd of Cloudburst, in the year 1195.