Lamenting old friendship, and my return...

Sir Killinan De le Erinyesto Everyone

Well now! Strife, Bitterness, Betrayal...Thakria must be doing something big. And to think I told everyone about Foxedup before my departure, over a year ago. Well done Foxedup, got Finbar out of the city then managed to start a war between two long standing allies.

So it is to be three cities converging on one, interesting that the city of light would choose that path..... easier than the alternative... but at least Circe approves so you must be doing something right. Oh, and narl didnt seem to upset about it either. You become popular with parrians and thakrians, and all you have to do is join them in attacking a city with 1/4 of the fighters you have.

Fistandantilus, have we come so far from the days of killing Alister and Eldereth in the conservatory when I was little more than a LW helping defend Mercinae? Most of my lessons were given by Sir Fig, and my loyalty to Mercinae was second only to my home. Do you really back this? Then so be it. The choices you make now determine your future, and the allies you think you gain will be your downfall in the end.

I have returned, and I come as a servant of night. All that has been given out will be returned to those who have dealt it. For the new day to dawn, night must first sweep across the land... and I commit myself to this one end. All will be set right, and all returned to its rightful place... so enjoy the upswing, cause the fall is a doosy.


Written by my hand on the 15th of Mournsend, in the year 1195.