Unfair fighting!!! I think not.

Narlto Rajj, The Reckoning

Once again your random musings of what you consider be the good of the land amuse me. Your post was obviously aimed at me getting involved when you and Max were fighting Trakea and Salvador yesterday.

I will state this very simply and very clearly I GOT INVOLVED CAUSE I DONT LIKE YOU. Your very name at the top of any post makes me roll my eyes and ask, \"What's this fool going to over elaborately and incoherently ramble on about now\". I think you should stick to what your good at which is idling protected and keep your inner most thoughts to yourself. If I was in the fight to benefit the team I would of gone for Max in an attempt to take out the strongest fighter first.

But my actions in sticking a knife in and tearing out your gullet were in Vengeance for your actions towards me and anyone else you abused whilst you were brown nosing Springdale loin cloths pretending to be an animist.

You are a sad little organism, sad to the point I almost feel sorry for you. Sad like a little piglet that has been born lame and needs to be put out of it's misery by having its throat immediately sliced open with a culling knife. And I call upon all Thakrians and the order of Vengeance to take pity on this little Piggy and put it out of it's misery whenever possible. I'm sure we'll hear the echoes of it's squealing on the bb for years to come.

Take care little piggy, when it comes to you I neither respect nor care if you are in the middle of a fight, seeing you as a ghost fills me with elation and satisfaction. Watch you back little piggy, I want to hear you squeal.

Eagerly awaiting a retort filled with self bravado and drivel.

Narl of the Abetoire


Written by my hand on the 29th of Ilmarael, in the year 1194.