What world do you live in?.

Rajj, The Reckoningto Shaykh Salvador, Dajjal

Yes I was known for forestcalling people into Springdalian teams, all in response to a team either moments before or as much as a day before. All of my forest calls, and self-defending decomposes were without a doubt justifiable. If someone teamed another, that person got marked and got forest called.

There is no hypcorisy here. When a fight was fair I never jumped in. When a fight was overmatched by you and the cronies you live with, I jumped in. It really was THAT SIMPLE.

It was not 'Poor Tactics' on my part, it was Judgement.

Now on to yesterday's BB. Let's talk about the truth here. I log in, YOU (After Maximillian leaves) try to trav to me within 30-40 seconds of me being in the land. I'm sorry, you're right, I should just sit there and let you kill me unprepared. I went to the BB. When I came out, you tried travving to me within 10 SECONDS. Again, I did BB unprepared. When I came out of the BB you were still there and attacked me immediately. If you want to talk about 'poor tactics', look in the mirror.

Sadly there are people that were bullied out, and take heed as to WHO bullied them out. I bet you those on THAT list, are the same ones on the list of people I 'forest called'. I have always tried to make Avalon a better place, by giving those bullied something to be happy about. It was your death, or the death of your cronies that made them feel Justice had been done. Alas, I could not do more to save them from you.

Wake up and face the truth! Hold yourself accountable for once.

Rajj, Forever the Judgement

Written by my hand on the 18th of Ilmarael, in the year 1194.