Your misconceptions.

Shaykh Salvador, Dajjalto Rajj, The Reckoning

Do you, Rajj, infamous for forestcalling unsuspecting Avalonians into Springdalian teams, dare have the audacity to issue a complaint about what you deign 'poor tactics' ?

If you are going to display such pathetic hypocrisy, perhaps I might add that not so long ago, i. e. yesterday, you bb'd on me no less than 4 times, when the numbers were clearly in your advantage.

I could make this into a string of accusations with a string of proposed solutions but I will not, save to say I think the day has come for the pot to stop calling the kettle black.

There are indeed numerous people (those who haven't been bullied out) who are trying to improve this land, and rid it of the blight which seems to have befallen upon it. Sadly, I do not feel you are one of these.

Salvador Ramsay

Written by my hand on the 18th of Ilmarael, in the year 1194.