How Springdale got Marshton.

Fatalus the Scroungerto Everyone

With the recent march of Mercinaen troops onto the Springdale territory of Marshton, I thought it appropriate to post concerning an ancient honored agreement.

During the reign of Prince Edgetho of Mercinae and Prince Fatalus of Springdale, the two baronies of the respective cities prepared a Sphere of Influence treaty for the impending reactivation of warfare. The

agreement had two major development cycles. The first proposal created a western line at the River Leithe, where Mercinae would lay claim to lands south and SD to lands north. The second proposal moved the line

further north beyond Ladakh, but with Marshton and adjacent locations changing hands from Mercinae to Springdale. At request of the Mercinae barony, the full treaty terms were not to be posted on the boards.

Before the advent of warfare, I notified Mercinae that I considered the treaty terminated. Prince Edgetho in turn refused, saying Springdale was honor bound to live with the agreement.

Warfare was then activated. Both SD and Merc rushed legions to gain SOI, each quickly gaining large blocks of territory unopposed by the current owner, Thakria. I instructed my Field Marshall to move forward as if

the first treaty proposal was in force, to not cross the River Leithe and to not engage Mercinae troops.

SD and Merc legions did eventually come to meet. This occurred in the Northern Greenwood, south of Ladakh but north of the River Leithe. Neither city would attack the other, but a long standing stalemate developed

as troops positions had both parties somewhere between the two proposals.

It was SD Field Marshal Grymauch who brought resolution to this dispute of two princes. He withdrew SD troops from the Northern Greenwood and took possession of Marshton. My princely acceptance of his maneuvers

forced my acceptance to the terms of the second and final proposal between the two cites.

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Midsummer, in the year 1193.