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Random Persephone De Fabritiisto Everyone

I have been AWOL from land for 3-4 days, I won't lie about my reasons, I am a bit fed up with hiding, normally in the temple but unfortunately its the safest place I know. As even leaving my safe haven for apples I am being attacked

I REFUSE to whine about this so if what I say next sounds like I'm whining let me just say now I am not whining or whinging, I'm just airing my feelings *grin*

I have been in my felling element the past week (well ok not the past 3 days as I have not been here)

and YES,it has been my choice to fell and YES I was askd to fell in someones private property and YES it was a city enemies property and YES I refused to fell.

My choice,it was not for the cities benefit,it was so certain city members could basically ransack this said enemies home and I did not wnat any part of it.

The enemy staves I have felled have been my own choice to fell, some I have chose to do myself, others I have been asked to fell and I have agreed. I accept all the backlash I receive for felling these staves BUT I have a small issue that I want to address...

A number of these staves I was caught redhanded felling and I received a kick in for doing it,Fair enough!

I was caught in the act and I have no reason to complain.

What I do wish to complain about is being ASKED by my enemies IF I have felled their staves?

Whether I have or haven't I will always deny it,sometimes my denials ahve been accepted and sometimes they haven't, for the record I have been kicked in about 5 times for one particular stave, two fo the attacks came from the same person twice.

I have been reading the 'informal rules' on player kills in the 'land manual' and it states:

'A rule of thumb which should be used to guide your offensive acts is

never send your enemy upon the Ship of Death more than once, and only attack again when the defeated enemy acts against your person. Avoid attacking those obviously much weaker than you, and, if you are unsure about the might of another player, take the time to find out before wading in and making some poor novice's life a misery'

Firstly, I would like to point out before anyone jumps down my throat that I haven't been shipped yet for felling, I'm sure this was not on purpose aside from one 'slayer' who actually told me they had purposely not shipped me, the rest I feel either a) just did a 'drive by' as they were worried about springdalians who were bigger and stronger than them coming and hurting their poor little tootsies b) were actually scared that I might actually have killed them if they were to stay around for another go

(You know who you are ;)) or c) ummm maybe they are big softies at heart.

The main part of my argument here regarding the lands' \"rule of thumb\" is the part of only attacking again when the defeated enemy acts against your person, Now this applies to quite a few of my 'slayers' not just the 'You felled my stave slayers', these people have repeatedly attacked me, with no actions from me against them?? Now I would say that is against the rule of thumb? Also AVOID attacking those who are OBVIOUSLY much weaker than you? Hmmmm, I'll leave that one with no explanation.

My rounded up point about this is, I am by profession a loremaster, Loremasters fell staves, I personally do not know half the time whose staves are whose I take the full brunt of any staves I have felled, IF it can be proved that I have felled them, ok sometimes I might have felled a stave and no proof is there, but that also goes the other way, Sometimes I might NOT have felled that stave and yet you may blame me, but consider the fact that in both scenarios, you have no proof in which case,

You decide the attack me anyway?? And the logic in this is what exactly?

Because at the end of the day, You people, the ones that attack me and not just me but other youngsters who are yet able to fight people as big as yourselves are going to be worse off, one day you will come in land and find yourself and your freinds/citymates and no one else in land, and then the next day is the same and then a week after the same, until you stupidly realise that you have scared off everyone else and what will you do with yourselves?

You will sit and type who every 5 seconds, because you will have nothing to do, no one to kill, no one to rob from, no one to upset, just silence. . You will grow potatoes and bash monks, but you will grow bored,

Yes, I am a enemy from a enemy city as many of my citymates are to you and that

is the point!

There needs to be enemies in land for you to have enemies,and yes you will obviously fight with your enemies, but pushing people too hard especially us youngsters will result in people leaving and then there will be no enemies for you at all.

I will soon be able to make staves myself and YES I will also have them felled by enemies, will I go after the fellers? I don't know yet, I'll wait and see how I fell at the time, But I KNOW my staves will be felled, Staves are felled, regardless of whether the stave maker wants them to be or not, If staves were not meant to be felled then why give people in the Loremaster profession, the skill to do it? Hence if there is no one to fell staves there will also eventually be no need for staves because th

ere will be no enemies and life will be well, plain boring and dull

Ok So I have made my point here I think and I know you people will try and find some inconsistencies in my post and try and belittle me.

Personally I don't care anymore, for all the time I have been here I have tried to see the good in everyone, and that was a huge mistake, so now no holds barred, I will fell your staves and I will take the punishment for the Staves I have been caught felling or I have been proven to fell, but I refuse to take responsibility for staves I have not felled and If I am on the end of a attack for a stave that I have not felled I will feel compelled to fell one of your staves anyway, to justify the attack.

You may feel that the more you attack me the more chance there is that I will stop felling to stop the attacks, I'm afraid that is far from what I will do, it will make me fell more, So kicking me in running back to your safe house/city and then telling me

thta the kick in was for felling them staves IS NOT I repeat IS NOT goign to make me stop.

Yes this post is long, yes itmore fool you for reading this repetitive and dull post.

Yes this post is long,yes it is boring and if you have read it all and are now thinking why have I just wasted 5 minutes of my time to read this

Then you will now know that fists and swords and rits and demons are not the only things that can inflict pain and punishment

As it has always been said \"The pen is mightier than the sword\" more fool you for reading this repetitive and dull post.

Have a nice day people

May your staves live and prosper!

But remember people have to sleep sometimes ;)


Whose acts of randomness are known throughout the land!!

Written by my hand on the 13th of Cloudburst, in the year 1192.