There's still the fact that.......

You are a talentless twat. If you want to fight. then join the ranks of the fighters proffesions.

Oh sorry, have I touched a nerve... have you tried that before and been rear ended so hard you've ended back into the first age twice over with one half of a bola hanging from your posterior.

Well carry on using your defenceless skills in the way you are. I may die lots, I may put myself in daft situations, I may have the tactical ability of a 5 year old sloth with arthritis and parkinsons,

But i'm still happy in the knowledge I'm giving a difficult fighting skillset a try to master.

And I won't give up.

But you... well you should know your help file better than anyone. You may of been here a long time, but all in all, it's alot of time wasted. Why don't you go and Judge the largest marrow competition in the outer farmlands of eastpoint, Ahhh, on second thoughts the giant vegetables will probaly make you fell inadequate.

Anyway I second the original proposition of Rajj having the excessive skills removed from his skill set if he plans to remain an active military occupant and strategist for Springvillage.

Jashiri... when you next spend time composing a load of waffle think about it first. You made no sense other than the fact you have been serviced recently (see post23917) by the aforementioned whore.

But please continue your incessant brown nosing and is a great form of amusement.

Luffs hugs etc xxx

Written by my hand on the 1st of Midsummer, in the year 1191.