Dealing with it.

Your example is pointless, I'm well over two hundred years old and quite able to handle any issues with starvation or afflictions without having an animist summon me for my own good. Even if there were a case where I could not and wished the aide of an animist, I would ask or accept the consequences of the actions that led to the predicament I was in. The only viable use for a defenceless summoning is to aide the young, whom in all honesty would probably be too naive to know the defences against it sho

uld there ever be one.

I was mistaken, there is a defence to forest summoning or so I hear. Burn it all down. While I have since my youth been highly against the eradication of our forests, mayhaps my stance will have to change.+

As to \"dealing\" with it, I can only see four options. One, burn the forests to the ground. Two, hound said animist at every turn so they are not capable of setting something like this up. That of course would mean completely disregarding certain divinities statutes regarding their temples. Three, convince the animists to have another complete lack of judgement and assume the same skills for myself to use in an eye for eye fashion. Let's see how the grass is on the other side. All of the above come at a

high cost. The fourth, and most reasonable, is to petition for the skills to be changed or removed. That is obviously failing so I suppose its time to move on to the other three.

I would agree with you lord Nostradamus that it was a highly ill-advised decision to end his apprenticeship, but after that mistake was made the only recourse by the guild was taken. Ejecting the member from the guild. Coming down upon the animists for that mistake serves no purpose, other than alienating myself and the other organizations I belong to from their aide.

With respect,


Written by my hand on the 27th of Skyelong, in the year 1191.