Forest summon.

I skipped over the last few posts as I don't really care what they said other than the first.

I would also ask for a defence against at the very least forest summon. While my experience didn't lead to my personal death, I was summoned out of a forest temple location whilst a pyramid rune down, diffusion and pentacle up only to be quagmired, interrogated and threatened with decompose by Rajj. I have no issue with being quagmired or decomposed. But to be summoned across Avalon with every possible defence against summoning up to be treated like such is not only highly irritating, its an abuse.

To have to avoid every forest location because you see a rogue animist, whom has previously summoned you with no apparent reason, in a forest location with a knight and two man rituals is ridiculous.

My log is available for any divinity reasonable enough to take an interest in this abuse.


Written by my hand on the 15th of Skyelong, in the year 1191.