How is it that I constantly pick you up on bug runes (Yes, Rajj, I have you bugged. Moron) where you actively plan with other people to get someone into a forest location so they can be called by you and turned into a pile of fruit?

It doesn't matter what they may be doing at the time. Zamphere and Parallax sketch a life ritual for Astynax, who was called and decomposed -at whim- by you acting in concert with Finbar, and apparently that's \"bullying\" (by your definition) and cause for the two warlocks to be decomposed?

Or how about Trakea, who I'm sure anyone with half a brain can agree isn't a bully, in any sense of the word.

I'm sure Lamothe was bullying people as well, since you even went so far as to fake a log of her attacking you in temple in order to \"justify\" your slaying of one of the most harmless people in avalon. Why do you feel the compulsive need to do this? You're not Dunccan, so claiming that \"[you] are the law\" sounds downright silly.

I also find it odd that such a -devout- follower of Justice should spend the vast majority of his time in the land within the confines of the Night temple, setting foot out only when one springdalian or other informs you they've found someone in a forest location for you to slay for them.

As far as quagmiring people for others, why, it was only last (avalon) year that you quagmired people for Bowdyn to kill. Not only that, but you called them directly in front of him, sometimes. So claiming it's been \"years\" is just more wasted hot air spewing forth from that sewage vent you call a mind.

I honestly have to wonder what has changed in Avalon, that rogue animists are not only allowed to retain their skills, but are actively supported, defended and encouraged. It wasn't so long ago, relatively, that an animist who was kicked out of the guild or simply just left after taking the profession found every hand turned against them, mortal and divine as well.


Written by my hand on the 12th of Skyelong, in the year 1191.