Rajj, Talentless Druid of Drivel and Tosh.

Nifty Narl, Fox Shadowto Everyone

With it being public knowledge so I might as well regale you all with the tale of last night.

It was late spring and the condensation was dribbling down the window panes in the early morning light. In the hustle and bustle of Springtown the trades folk were awake doing they're tradey type things, in they're hidey temple hole tradey type Springtown like way.

Much activity was going on in the stockrooms and silently lurking in the sewer shadows, young Narl was waiting for an oppurtunity under the guise of Beebo.

There was no specific target, just the Springtown stockrooms in general. Peeking up from the sewers he noticed one of the Springtownians popping back and forth between the trade centre and a stock room.

The 3 hour wait was nearly over and young Narly could sense the score was at hand. He waited for the this Springtownian to next go into the stock room and snuck up out of the sewers concealing himself in the corner of the Imperial armoury. Awaiting that click to come that gave him the chance to dive down into the riches below.

In no more than seconds after positioning himself ready the click came and Narly leapt with all the speed and agility he could muster (Ult + stealth helped too :) ) and he made it in just before the door closed trapping his legs.

His eyes glinted, the stock room was full, and it was his. Silently he thought to himself, \"I may not be a tip top fighter, but my god can I steal, well after all I'm a THIEF\"

Soon after the heist Young Narl received a message from the Grand Phalice Rajj quoting \"Rajj: \"Im going to ask nicely for your to return everything you took from my stockroom, while Eudueria was lagged... Considering she is 370 health and 1/2 your size, im not surprised you were after her... So here's the deal, you return the stuff, or you will die every single fucking chance I see you in a forest, no quagmire, no holding, just death... \"

So to clarify I wasn't specifically after her, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I choose to ignore your threats you idiot. And it's nice to see that the animists skill set to preserve life and nature is being used so effectively and in it's intended way by a tosser like your self.

I'm a thief. At least I act like it. Your a what? ....... answers to that are welcome by all on a post card on the fighters board please!!!!

Please just Rajj just stop talking and getting involved in anything that's none of your damn business. (and before you pick up on it, cause you will, cause your a pedantic little idiot. The first paragraph is an OOC reference to timescale and the second slips into RP.)

xxx And thanks for the stuff.

Your friendly neighborhood Burglar.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Springflower, in the year 1191.