Me v. Killinan.

Good Witch Eudueria Foraoisto Everyone

The lovely Esprii just informed me that my attempts to help my city were looked upon by some ignorant fools in the wrong light.

I've been informed that my numerous deaths were perceived by some of you to be nothing more than my having such a lack of appreciation for my life that I would lay it down unfought-for just for his benefit. I assure you foolish people, this is far from the truth.

It may be that I am cast in an even more unfavourable light by having to admit my lack of combat prowess in admitting that I was, indeed, fighting as hard as I knew how to kill him and failing miserably, but that's the truth. I have logs to prove it, my mistakes leading to my deaths in black and white. I would NEVER willingly give my life force to another, no matter HOW beloved he or she is to me for something as mundane as what I am hearing, and shame on those who would consider that possible without

even KNOWING me!

We both were attempting to fulfill our responsibilities to our cities, unlike ignorant folk who weren't assisting either of us but who seemed to have the time and energy to open their uninformed, useless mouths.

Shame on you.


Written by my hand on the 22nd of Paglost, in the year 1190.